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NOTE: Please call the office (or book online, if you'd like to visit the Chelsea branch) if you want to schedule a visit!

You CANNOT book an appointment via email.

To book at Chelsea:

Call (646)596-7080 or book online.

Reflexology & facials =

Acupuncture =

Online booking is only for 830 6th Avenue (Chelsea).

To book the West Village location:

Please call (212) 675-8801 during business hours.

Does not participate in discounts.

(646) 596-7080

830 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY

Online Booking Available

Stone therapy (60 min) = $75 cash / $82 if paying via card
Aromatherapy (60 min) = $80 cash / $87 if paying via card

Facials and Reflexology
30 mins: $35 cash or $38 credit
45 mins: $50 cash / $54 credit
60 mins: $60 cash / $65 credit
90 mins: $90 cash / $95 credit
120 mins: $110 cash / $120 credit


25 Charles Street #Basement New York NY10014


Phone: 212-675-8801

Prices :

30 mins: $28 cash / $30 credit

45 mins: $40 cash / $45 credit

60 mins: $50 cash / $54 credit

90 mins: $78 cash / $85 credit

120mins: $100 cash / $109 credit

(212) 675-8801
Wow. What an amazing massage. Everyone was very friendly and they took us with no appointment. Michael did my 60 min deep tissue. I feel so much better after he really got my knots out. Great prices. Not a spa like a atmosphere but amazing people, best massage and awesome prices. Will definitely return.

Cayman Flights 

I love getting massages, and I'm really picky about them. I personally don't prioritize ambiance; I care about the massage itself. No exaggeration, I only come here! They go hard on my neck and shoulders (in the best way), and I always feel like a new person afterward

Jane Chang

Okuyama provides the most professional massage in New York as I known. I strongly recommend you pick MICK when you come. Besides, the environment is peaceful and cozy, which makes me feel relaxed every time. All in all, please give it a try when you are in New York and I promise you won't be regret it!

Shen Than


Contact Us

West Village Address:

   25 Charles St, Basement

      New York NY 10014         



Call (212) 675-8801

Business Hours

Mon - Sun

10:30 am – 10:30 pm

    Chelsea Address

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